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Hauraki Gulf Fishing Report 131016

Written by Super User

5436E367 D89D 6723 73D0233EA0C180EAThe spring workups have now become more intense and concentrated as we start to move into summer. They are in a general area for a few days to a week until the bait is consumed and have been ranging over a large area. You know that there will be snapper under these ones as they are in the same spot and will go for hours on end. If you don’t drive through them and ruin it for yourself and other anglers, you will reap the rewards (bit like having a burly off the back of the boat then cutting it of so it floats away). We have been drifting up to 300mtrs down the exhaust/burly of these workups and catching good snapper all the way then coming back to repeat over and over again without disturbing it.