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pretty hairdresser with scissors 23 2147736971It’s more often than you’d think Hands up who regularly goes to the hairdresser to get their hair cut? We all know how often we need to wash our hair (which depends on your hair type FYI, in case you were hoping for a one-fits-all answer), but getting it cut tends to fall quite low down the to-do list. Unless you’re cutting your own hair at home, that is. When we do finally get down to the salon, we’re often reprimanded with a ‘you need to get it done every six weeks, tut tut.’ But is that really the case? According to A-list hairdresser and Blade Hairclub founder Julia Olofsson, much like the hair washing situation, it really does depend on your hairstyle and the length of your hair.For long hair, Julia recommends cutting off about a half of an inch every 10 weeks. That way you still keep about an inch of growth, while getting rid of thinning, fragile, worn out and split ends. The same maintenance interval applies to your layers in order to keep them bouncy and light and the style fresh and sharp. For short hair (both boys’ or pixie cuts) the haircut shape and texture will grow out and need re-doing in 4-6 weeks, or 6-8 weeks for medium lengths. Why? This is becasue short hairstyles tend to lose their shape quicker, so you need to keep on top of it more in order to sustain ‘the look’. If you’re got curly hair, then you only need to go once or twice a year, as curly hair does ‘shrink’ when cut.