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bit2Could health apps and chatbots eventually replace your traditional doctor? "Let's talk about how you've been feeling over the past 30 days," says Joy. "This will help me get a sense for your current state." Joy probes a bit deeper, asking a series of questions: Do I feel hopeless? Do I feel restless? When I respond that I'm a bit stressed, Joy offers me several de-stressing techniques. Joy might appear to be my counsellor or my life coach, but the conversation I'm having is actually with a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to track emotions and provide mental health support - all through Facebook Messenger. Welcome to healthcare in the digital age, where smartphone owners have access to their very own doctors and therapists at the touch of a button. Joy was founded by Danny Freed after one of his best friends committed suicide. "This planted the seed for me that there must be a way technology can help anyone who is struggling with their mental health," he says.