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astronaut 11050 640NASA and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Foundation selected two winners for their national Future Engineers Mars Medical Challenge for K-12 students. Participants were invited to create and submit a digital 3-D model intended to be 3-D printed and used for a wide range of medical needs including diagnostic, preventative, first-aid, emergency, surgical, and/or dental purposes.

One national winner from each age division was chosen from a total of 745 submitted designs from 34 states. Lewis Greenstein, 18, from Seattle, designed a Dual IV/Syringe Pump, and is the winner of the Teen Group (ages 13-19). Lauren Lee, 12, from Cupertino, California, designed the Drug Delivery Device, and is the winner of the Junior Group (ages 5-12). These students will receive a grand-prize trip to Houston, which includes a tour of NASA’s Johnson Space Center to learn about space medicine and human exploration of space.