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B 1215 Newsfeed ParkingPursuant to their goal of more sustainable communities, the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), the certification body for LEED, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Parking Institute and the Green Parking Council to encourage green practice implementation for parking garages. The partnership will look to promote and improve the recently released Green Garage Certification, which like LEED, can apply to either new or existing parking structures. The certification program will measure 50 aspects of parking facility features, which include best practices to boost performance while minimizing waste generation, programs that encourage alternate

B 1014 Newsfeed CorridorWith the increased focus on energy efficiency and sustainable design, one feature that has been often been touted but hard to define is the impact that such changes have on occupant health and wellbeing. However, a new report presented at Greenbuild shows that 47% of building owners report healthcare cost reductions of 1-5% after the implementation of green features.The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings: The Market Drivers and Impact of Building Design and Construction on Occupant Health, Well-Being and Productivity from McGraw-Hill Construction found that 56% of building owners saw lower rates of